Staffed by immensely qualified retired Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and former law enforcement officers, Eagle’s hand-selected and highly vetted law enforcement experts offer training, objective consulting stratagem and professional expert testimony.

Expert Witness
With decades of experience in investigative, law enforcement and security specialties, Eagle’s technically trained experts dispense strategy advice, innovation, key discussion points and independent, expert opinion for criminal and civil litigation.  These second career agents turned expert witnesses are leaders in their fields and are dedicated to crucially examining and evaluating the details of every case, providing you with keen insight and analysis.  The breadth of their experience and commitment to each client delivers a needed edge in the courtroom, ensuring the best possible outcome for all parties involved.

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As consultants, our industry-leading specialists, each with decades of experience, distinguished careers and steadfast dedication to their crafts, deliver strategic and objective behind-the-scenes analysis, tailored solutions and crucial support to help minimize risks and elevate your chances of success in arbitration or litigation.

Speaking Engagements & Training
As sought-after public speakers and trainers, our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) provide specialized lectures and instruction in a multitude of areas personalized to your specific needs in the classroom, boardroom, courtroom, or in the field.

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