Dedicated to examining and evaluating the details of every case, Eagle Experts are passionate about providing keen insight and analysis in criminal and civil matters.  Their experience and commitment to each client delivers a needed edge in the courtroom, ensuring the best possible outcome for all parties involved.  With steadfast dedication to their craft, our Experts deliver strategic and objective behind-the-scenes analysis to mitigate risk and elevate the chances of success in arbitration or litigation.

Eagle Experts are highly qualified, former law enforcement agents from the FBI, ATF, and state and local agencies. These second career professionals are leaders in their fields with decades of investigative, law enforcement and security experience.  Their unique blend of operational experience, specialized knowledge, training, and academic credentials, truly qualifies them as Experts.

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As world class subject matter experts, Eagle’s advisors compliment the cadre of expert witnesses in their respective areas of expertise. With decades of operational experience combined with extensive research, Eagle’s advisors serve to offer insight and guidance with operational issues and cases.