Ms. Coffindaffer’s career in federal law enforcement spanned over 28 years and included extensive investigative, operational, leadership and training experiences.  As a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), she specialized in gang, narcotics, organized crime, Title-III electronic surveillance and counterintelligence investigations.  She participated in numerous high-profile arrest operations and led nationally recognized investigations involving organized crime, weapons of mass destruction and counterterrorism matters.  Her leadership of investigations resulted in the disruption of the Crips criminal street gang in Fort Worth, Texas and the dismantlement of a Medellin Cartel Cell responsible for distributing thousands of kilos of cocaine throughout the Midwest and Northeast United States. In addition, she worked multiple undercover assignments and managed and conducted numerous covert counterintelligence investigations in the nuclear counterproliferation arena.

A tactical operator on the FBI’s Houston, Dallas and San Juan’s SWAT Teams, Ms. Coffindaffer is an accomplished and certified FBI, Police, Tactical and Firearms Instructor and Tactical EMT who provides firearms and tactics instruction.  Specifically, she has taught handgun and shoulder weapon techniques, marksmanship and defensive tactics to hundreds of federal agents, state and local law enforcement officers and civilians over the last 30 years.  Capitalizing on her extensive proficiencies, she founded Firearms Beyond International whose mission is to teach self-defense, marksmanship, tactical use of force, active shooter self defense and terrorism awareness to civilians, where she serves as CEO and instructor.

Ms. Coffindaffer has testified on more than 200 occasions before Federal grand juries, at identity, probable cause, detention, suppression and sentencing hearings, and at trials on topics ranging from federal gang criminal violations and white collar crime record analysis to criminal informant investigative involvement.  An accomplished public speaker, Ms. Coffindaffer was selected by the FBI to lecture throughout the United States and Canada about terrorism, aviation security, gang investigations and conspiracy/sports betting.  Ms. Coffindaffer has consulted on television projects for CBS, NBC and Imagine Entertainment, she has been featured as a self defense expert for Action News Jax and the Fort Worth Star Telegram, and her career in the FBI has been highlighted in Glamour Magazine.  She works for the NFL, is a Nationally Registered EMT and is a recipient of numerous awards from the FBI, Department of Justice and the CIA.

With her extensive qualifications, in addition to serving as a keynote speaker and law enforcement expert for Eagle, Ms. Coffindaffer provides case consultation, investigative support, litigation support and expert witness testimony in the areas of: Use Of Force; Firearms Training; Tactical Training (specifically, self defense both with and without firearms); Active Shooter Training; Gang and Narcotics Investigations; and Nuclear Counterproliferation.