Eagle offers security and risk management services to Federal, state and local government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and other private-sector organizations. Staffed primarily with former members from the law enforcement, military, and intelligence communities, Eagle employees bring a certain work ethic, maturity, expertise, and experience that can only come from serving at the forefront. Eagle’s motto, “Standing in the Gap”, represents the careers of these individuals and the continued duty and responsibility they have to protect and serve the world around them. Key management personnel bring with them distinguished careers and impeccable reputations from the FBI, U.S. Military and state and local law enforcement. These individuals have decades of experience in security operations, investigations, training, crisis management, infrastructure protection and counter-terrorism. Eagle has taken this plenitude of knowledge & experience and effectively applied it to a wide-ranging set of clients since its inception in 2001.


Eagle was born from a culture of responsibility, dedication and mission. During decades of government service and corporate accomplishment, its founder, senior executives and associates learned that a productive workplace depends more on personal relationships and shared objectives than quick revenues. Every time Eagle enters into a contract for products or services, we weigh profitability against the best interests of our clients and associates. Additionally, through contract stipulation and due diligence, Eagle ensures that its clients, subcontractors and partners adhere to the same set of standards.


Eagle’s logo was designed to capture the company’s essence and purpose through color and design.  The blue/black palette conveys a modern, Tier 1 outfit and represents traditional law enforcement colors to signify the heart and heritage of the company. The mark itself is shaped like an Eagle wing with a wider base that represents a solid, well-established company; a thinner upper part to convey speed and forward motion; and the middle of the mark is closed to represent strength and security.


Founder & CEO of Eagle is Roger Nisley, a retired FBI Agent with over thirty years of government service. He was a Special Agent whose career included extensive investigative, administrative, operational, training and leadership experiences. As a street agent, he worked numerous high-profile cases as well as having considerable undercover experience. As a first-line supervisor, he managed personnel and investigations targeting corrupt public officials, major theft and drug cases, some of which received considerable national media attention. As a Bureau executive for twenty-plus years, he was in a variety of leadership positions which included being responsible for all FBI personnel transfers; being the second-in-command of an FBI field office; being the Commander of the nation’s only full-time law enforcement counter-terrorist team, the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team (HRT); and for the last six years of his Bureau career, was the Special Agent in Charge of the Critical Incident Response Group (CIRG), which was created to provide an emergency response to a variety of critical incidents to include child abductions, hostage taking/barricade situations, and terrorist incidents.