Stephen Patrick’s career in federal law enforcement spanned over 28 years. As an Industry Operations Investigator and Special Agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF), he specialized in violent crime involving the criminal misuse of firearms, explosives, and fire. Mr. Patrick participated in numerous high-profile arrest operations involving criminal street gangs, outlaw motorcycle gangs, violent fugitives, and terrorists. In addition, he assisted with multiple undercover assignments and the dismantling of violent criminal organizations throughout the Washington, DC area.

A member of the ATF’s elite National Response Team, Mr. Patrick deployed throughout the United States investigating major crime scenes involving fires and explosions. As a highly trained ATF certified explosives specialist, Mr. Patrick led and assisted with multiple cases involving the criminal misuse of explosives and provided security at major events nationwide. Additionally, Mr. Patrick assisted in multiple major criminal investigations to include the 2001 Pentagon attack and the 2002 DC Sniper case.  As an ATF agent, he testified on numerous occasions before Federal Grand Juries, at probable cause, arrest, search and sentencing hearings as well as at trials and has testified as an expert witness in state court in explosives and criminal investigative analysis.

As a Supervisory Special Agent, Mr. Patrick was selected to serve at the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit, receiving world-class specialized training as a behavioral criminal investigative analyst, colloquially known as a criminal profiler. He led several high-profile cases for the BAU to include the 2017 Molly Delgado Maternal Filicide investigation, the 2018 Austin, Texas serial bomber case and the 2021 Walmart multi-state arsons. While assigned to the BAU, Mr. Patrick received extensive training and gained a great deal of experience in threat assessment/threat management, violent risk analysis, workplace violence, stalking, homicide, and threatening communications. He is well-versed in violent criminal behavior and has expertise in the areas of reasonable security, deterrability, and reasonable foreseeability. Mr. Patrick has instructed thousands of law enforcement professionals domestically and abroad on a variety of topics related to criminal investigative analysis, including interviewing and interrogation techniques, threat assessment/threat management, and arson/bombing.

With his extensive credentials, Mr. Patrick serves Eagle as the Program Manager/Risk Advisor in addition to a law enforcement expert and trainer/speaker. Mr. Patrick provides case consultation, civil and criminal litigation support, investigative support, and expert witness testimony in the areas of: Behavioral Analysis to include Threat Assessment and Deterrability of an Offender; Reasonableness of Security and Foreseeability; Workplace Violence (WPV) to include Difficult Terminations, Threatening Employees and Concerning Communications; Arson/Bombing; and Violent Crime.