Daniel Rachek’s career as an FBI Special Agent encompassed over 22 years and included extensive investigative, operational, leadership and training experiences. The majority of his career was spent as an FBI Special Agent with a focus on complex financial crime (white-collar crime) investigations to include: investment frauds, embezzlements, mortgage frauds, financial statement frauds, insurance frauds and related money laundering transactions.  Mr. Rachek conducted interviews and interrogations to obtain facts, evidence and confessions, analyzed financial records, and garnered the cooperation of witnesses and informants.  He prepared detailed investigative reports that were used in court and in affidavits to support various enforcement actions, and prepared financial chart summaries that were used by the prosecutors to support criminal charges and as exhibits in trial.  Mr. Rachek has testified extensively in US District Court and before federal grand juries on accounting issues and financial fraud matters related to his investigations.

As a Supervisory Senior Resident Agent (SSRA), Mr. Rachek was responsible for the two FBI offices in Vermont and as the senior FBI Special Agent within the state, he developed and maintained relationships with federal, state and local law enforcement partners, along with financial regulatory agencies.  He provided instruction and training to various business groups and schools on fraud detection and emerging fraud trends.  As the program coordinator for the Albany Division’s Complex Financial Crime Program, he was responsible for remaining current on emerging fraud trends and providing program guidance to the investigators within the division.  Following his retirement from the FBI, Mr. Rachek was named the Executive Director of the Vermont Lottery by Governor Scott, where he was responsible for strategic and operational planning for programs and product growth for an agency that generated over $132 million in annual sales and contributed over $27 million to the Vermont Education Fund.  He was then employed by Marsh Captive Solutions as the Primary Controls Officer for their Vermont Office where he reviewed, documented and approved changes and exceptions to the internal control procedures.  In addition to working as an expert for Eagle, Mr. Rachek is currently a financial crimes investigator for a large financial services company.  He has been a licensed certified public accountant (CPA) in New York since 1995, and has been a certified fraud examiner (CFE) since 2016.

Mr. Rachek’s considerable familiarity and experience in the white collar crime arena allows him to provide case consultation, investigative support, litigation support and expert witness testimony in the areas of: Complex Financial Crime (White-Collar Crime); Investment Fraud, Embezzlement, Mortgage Fraud, Financial Statement Fraud, Insurance Fraud and Related Money Laundering Transactions as well as Corporate Internal Controls Review