Far more than just your typical “bodyguard”, Eagle Executive Protection (EP) professionals / Close Protection Officers (CPO) are well educated and highly trained retired Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) agents, former military and law enforcement personnel with a proven history of providing the highest quality EP services for people from all walks of life. Whether it is for a one-time incident related to the filing of a restraining order, an ongoing civil dispute with a neighbor, domestic violence threats, a disgruntled former employee or business competitor, a need for an evaluation based on a threat, or an executive requiring ongoing risk assessments and 24/7-armed security, Eagle has you covered.



Eagle protection teams are discreet, respectful and have extensive experience providing domestic and international executive protection to dignitaries, executives, at-risk personnel and other high-net worth individuals and their families at their homes, in the workplace and on travel across the globe.  For nearly 20 years, Eagle professionals have protected all types in every situation without one single incident.



Eagle fully understands that no two protection assignments are identical, even if the threat and operating environment associated with one client is the same or similar to another.  Thus, Eagle prides itself on its ability to provide a diversity of executive protection options for a prospective client.  These options run the gamut from an unarmed, extremely low-profile escort to an armed, highly visible, full blown protective detail.  In short, Eagle does not take a “one size fits all” approach and always customizes a protection program specifically tailored to the needs of the client, never trying to pound the proverbial square peg into a round hole.



The success or failure of an executive protection program is rooted in preparation, planning and intelligence gathering by seasoned professionals.  After all, it is far better to avoid an incident entirely rather than to be forced to react to one.  With this principle in mind, following an initial consultation to determine the client’s concern or perceived threat and budgetary constraints, Eagle conducts extensive “advance work” and designs a protection plan that will maximize the return on the client’s security investment. Utilizing their vast experience and training, our EP staff develop risk assessments and associated threat ratings based on specific criteria that includes analyzing travel routes and locations, current and/or ongoing criminal activity, and any available social media and insider threat information.