Eagle will work closely with an organization to conduct a needs assessment in order to establish a baseline of existing plans, policies, procedures (PPP), and current training levels relating to workplace violence events in the organization.  Once a thorough evaluation is complete, Eagle can provide a tailored package to provide employees with an in-depth understanding of threatening and/or problematic behavior in the workplace setting, behavioral red flags of potential dangerousness from within and from outside, and the steps necessary to resolve everything from simple harassment to life-threatening scenarios.  A seminar would also include discussion of the appropriate defusing skills for employees as well as information on how best to document such incidents.

Employees will be trained in the following subject areas:

  • Introduction to Workplace Violence Prevention
  • Traits of Violence – Behavioral “Red Flags” of Employees and Students
  • Reporting and Recording Threats
  • Defusing Angry Persons
  • Employee Termination and Student Separation
  • Case Practical Exercises with Critiques