With over 30 years of service with federal, military and local law enforcement agencies, Michael Harrigan’s vast experience is highlighted by his tenure as Chief of the FBI National Academy (FBINA).  He led the daily operations at the FBINA, the country’s preeminent law enforcement leadership institution, attended by over 900 executive leaders from federal, state, local, tribal and international law enforcement agencies annually.  Prior to his 22 year FBI career, he was a police officer and a US Army military police officer with multiple deployments.

For more than two decades at the FBI, Mr. Harrigan specialized in criminal investigations, including homicide, sexual assault, kidnapping, missing persons and unidentified human remains, conducted and supervised investigations on New Mexico Indian reservations, and applied his criminal investigative experience as Chief of the Violent Criminal Apprehension (ViCAP) program at the National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime (NCAVC) where he worked closely with the nation’s law enforcement agencies to provide analytical support in serial criminal investigations.

A highly skilled firearms and tactical instructor, Mr. Harrigan became Chief of the Firearms Training Program at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia where he led the delivery of basic firearms training to all New Agent Trainees and oversight of nearly 1,500 firearms instructors at FBI offices nationwide.  As a member of the FBI’s Shooting Incident Review Group, he reviewed each use of force case at the FBI and opined upon the appropriateness of each to determine if current policies and procedures supported such use.  Mr. Harrigan spearheaded a comprehensive study on the use of force at the FBI, analyzing and categorizing hundreds of use of force cases in order to drive innovation in training techniques. He also founded a Joint Terrorism Task Force to address the aftermath of the 911 attacks.

A polished speaker and law enforcement expert, Mr. Harrigan has frequently been invited to provide instruction, presentations and seminars to Sheriff’s associations, private sector, political and government agencies, college students and FBI agents alike, and has been interviewed by the LA Times, USA Today, and ABC News.

Mr. Harrigan’s intimate working knowledge and experience in the law enforcement investigative process provides a backdrop for his extensive ability to provide case consultation, investigative support, litigation support and expert witness testimony in the areas of: Use Of Force Continuum; Firearms, Training and Equipment; Range Safety Matters; LEOSA; Police Policies and Procedures including Wrongful Conviction Matters; Violent Crime Analysis; and Issues Related to Policing Indian Country; as well as providing Independent Reviews of Cold Cases and Missing Persons Cases.