During her 23 years as a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Kelly Liberti specialized in the investigation of Violent Crimes Against Children matters, including Child Abduction, Missing Children, Child Sex Trafficking, Sexual Abuse and Child Pornography.  She served as the primary case agent on many high profile criminal cases, to include the Justin Christian serial child abductor case, the Jeremy Mack sex trafficking matter and “Operation Airball”, a high profile public corruption case.  In addition, she was a team leader for the FBI’s elite Child Abduction Rapid Deployment (CARD) team and worked high profile abduction cases such as Jayme Closs, Gina Dejesus and Amanda Berry.  Ms. Liberti worked many different criminal violations for the FBI to include Organized Crime, Public Corruption, Bank Robbery, Labor matters, Internet Fraud, Mail & Wire Fraud, Extortion, and Financial Crime.  She ran and participated in multiple undercover operations, and was a primary crisis/hostage negotiator for the Cleveland Division for 20 years. National news outlets, including Fox News, CNN and People Magazine, have covered Ms. Liberti’s cases and she has provided interviews to numerous local media outlets.

Ms. Liberti conducted hundreds of interviews of subjects and victims and has extensive experience testifying at trial, before Federal Grand Juries, at identity, probable cause, detention, suppression and sentencing hearings.

Following her retirement from the FBI, she founded a company that provides child forensic interviewing, instruction and consultation to law enforcement agencies and child welfare groups.  As a highly qualified forensic interviewer of children and adults, Ms. Liberti understands the intricacies involved in finding the truth.  She excels at teaching others and, as a certified FBI Police Instructor and Adjunct Instructor for 20 years, has instructed hundreds of local, state and federal officers in the areas of Crimes Against Children, including false allegation of child and infant abductions, abduction response and protocols, how to conduct a missing child investigation, interview and interrogation techniques as well as media relations and crisis negotiations.  In addition, she uses her passion for investigation to review cold cases, providing re-review of pertinent documents and potentially providing closure for families of the missing.

With her intimate working knowledge and experience in the law enforcement investigative process, Ms. Liberti not only serves as an educator, keynote speaker and law enforcement expert for Eagle, but also provides case consultation, investigative support, litigation support and expert witness testimony for active and cold cases in the areas of: Violent Crimes Against Children, including Infant and Child Abduction, False Allegation of Child Abduction, Missing Children/Missing Persons, Child Sex Trafficking, Child Sexual Abuse and Child Pornography.