A United States Naval Academy graduate and former Marine Corps Officer, Dr. James Derrane embarked on a 20-year career as an FBI Special Agent that included extensive investigative, administrative, operational, training and leadership experiences with a focus on crisis management.  As a street agent for 17 years, he specialized in white-collar crime, government fraud, violent crime, crimes against children and national security/counterterrorism investigations, resulting in numerous arrests and convictions, and testified dozens of times in the resulting Federal Grand Jury proceedings and federal trials.  While concentrating on investigations, he was simultaneously an FBI certified: SWAT Operator where he participated in numerous tactical operations and arrests; Hostage Negotiator where he supported tactical operations; Technically Trained Agent who conducted electronic surveillance and tracking; and Crisis Management Manager who prepared for, planned and coordinated special event and critical incident response.

Obtaining his Doctor of Philosophy in Public Safety Leadership with a specialization in Emergency Management culminated Dr. Derrane’s proficiency in the Crisis Management field.  His experience includes the provision of nationwide crisis management, planning and operations training to the FBI, federal, state and local law enforcement personnel and senior executives; participating in approximately two dozen local and national level exercises and operations in diverse capacities; deploying to over a dozen major critical incidents and national level special events nationwide; coordinating crisis management training and readiness for more than a dozen field offices; directing event and response planning, logistics and operations for FBI Field Offices throughout the entire Northeast; instituting a new crisis management training paradigm for FBI executives related to critical incident operations, preparation, planning, leadership and decision making; and retooling the FBI’s crisis management training program by co-authoring the FBI’s National Crisis Response Plan.

Dr. Derrane handles security operations for the Department of Defense and other government agencies and is an adjunct faculty member and SME at the National Center for Security and Preparedness in Albany, New York where he conducts active shooter, crisis management and tactical leadership training for New York State public safety professionals.  Dr. Derrane serves as a case consultant and law enforcement expert for Eagle where he provides litigation support and expert witness testimony in the areas of: Crisis Management, Critical Incident Response and Leadership; and Special Event Security Planning, Preparation, and Decision Making including: Emergency Management Operations, Adequacy of Security, Planning and Preparation, Crowd Control, Inadequate Security, Negligent Security and Multi-Jurisdictional Planning and Operations, Training, Decision Making and Planning Services.