Eagle investigators are known for their professionalism, ethics, and dogged determination to reliably determine and report facts—whether the case involves surveilling an insurance claimant, investigating complex white-collar matters in support of civil litigation with millions of dollars at stake or simply locating persons and providing clients with key information. As a company, Eagle takes great pride in our investigative excellence and deserving clients have benefitted greatly from our services.

Seasoned Professionals
Eagle’s licensed private investigators provide discrete, high-end, professional investigation and litigation support to clients across the world. By employing seasoned investigators with decades of training and experience whose distinguished careers include major case investigations for Federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, our clients are provided with the best private investigative experience around. For us, the bottom line is that our high investigative standards and unimpeachable credentials help our clients win in the courtroom and beyond.

Each investigation begins with a confidential consultation to determine the scope, objectives, and priorities of the investigation, and to establish the client’s needs and expectations. Eagle investigators will then provide a fair and unbiased recommendation and a detailed explanation of our process. All investigations are handled with the utmost discretion. If requested, a full report will culminate the service offering.

National Network
With our national network of professional investigative contacts and associates who are familiar with rules of engagement in their state, Eagle can conduct investigations wherever the facts of a particular case may lead. Our geographic reach is complemented by our access to investigative specialists and experts including former FBI behavioral analysts (profilers), polygraphers, forensic accountants, document examiners, computer and video forensics specialists, experts in a variety of domains and more.

Investigator Directory